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Why install Rimblades?

Because rims are expensive to repair.

Most new cars come with alloy wheels that are easy to damage, but repairing these damages is difficult and expensive – the cost of repair can be up to € 350. At the same time, the appearance of the rims may not be equivalent to the new ones after the repair work.

Because they look good.

Rimblades stripes are available in more than 10 different colors, the most popular being black, red and gray. Thus, in addition to the practical feature, you have the opportunity to match the color of your wheel protecters with your car’s color and make your car more stylish.

Сorrect fastening

The high-quality fastening of protective strips is provided with a reliable fastening layer and competent installation. The Rimblades protective stripes are attached to the rims with 3M VHM double-sided tape, which is the most suitable with regard to the design of the protection stripes and also with the highest adhesion. The same tape was also used to install a 30-year-long warranty package of windows for Bruj Khalifa in Dubai. The tape adheres very strongly to the metal surfaces, and the adhesion becomes stronger when the pressure is released and also with time. Also, we have chosen only the most experienced and thorough working partners to install Rimblades protection stripes to ensure the best quality for our customers.

QUALITY is actually the most correct word for Rimblades protective stripes. Rimblades products are patented in terms of design, brand and installation method and can only be installed by licensed distributors.


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